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Over The Moon

by NBB on
October 2nd, 2016

Over The Moon


As volunteer riders for Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes – a charity dedicated to providing free, emergency transport for the NHS – Charlie Lamb and Steve Hughes decided to embark on a sponsored motorcycle ride, not only to raise money for the service, but also to increase awareness of the amazing work that is carried out by a team of unpaid volunteers, 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

Click on the video below to see just what Blood Bikers do.


Following a successful charity ride in 2015 called “Run To The Sun”, where both riders embarked on a dash across the country from Land’s End to Lowestoft – aiming to beat the sunrise on the shortest night of the year (the Summer Solstice) – Charlie and Steve are now taking on an even greater challenge…

To travel the length of the country between sunset and sunrise on the night of the Winter Solstice.
Or, as we’re calling it… OVER THE MOON

That’s just 17 hours with a distance of between 840 and 920 miles – all depending on what route they are able to take. Road closures and the weather will all play their own part, so this is by no means an easy task.


End-to-End challenges on a motorbike are difficult enough on a lovely Summer’s day, but in the heart of winter, they’re something else completely.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can even join them. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodation and pay your own way, of course, but both riders are happy to give advice and support to you – all you need to do is get sponsored..!

For anyone else, we’d love to be considered for a donation if you’d like to help us – all of which will be donated to the charity which is often called “The Unseen Emergency Service”.


Thank you for visiting our page and thank you in advance to anyone who is kind enough to sponsor this ride.
Oh, and don’t forget to GiftAid it too!

You’ve guessed it – they’d be OVER THE MOON


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